Welcome to Cheap Life Insurance Company, It is an independent insurance company.
20th October 2019

2500 Market St,

Johannesburg, Gauteng 2143


Home Insurance Projects

We have partnered with multinational insurance companies to insure many South African homeowners. Although most of them are under construction,so far we have managed more than 1000 residential flats. This accountsfor almost an eighth of all the insured homes in South Africa.

Condo Insurance Projects

Cheap Life Insurance has also managed several condo insurance projects. We have also been able to work on some projects that required us to pay for damages. Our projects costs were up to $10,000, and anew condominium was put up.

Renter Insurance Policy

We are a company that conducts door to door surveys. We also informed people about our rental insurance policy which would be vital in instances where there were damages and calamities.