Welcome to Cheap Life Insurance Company, It is an independent insurance company.
20th November 2019

2500 Market St,

Johannesburg, Gauteng 2143

About Us

Cheap Life Insurance Company is an independent insurance company. We also work with big multinational companies as their representatives. We do have so many representatives who are all over South Africa, who assist you to get to know more about our policies and their features.

Our aim is to ensure that we cover as many people as possible. We will achieve this since we provide the lowest quotes as possible while our customer services are first class.

We have a wide range of packages for you to pick the one that suits you. We also provide tailor-made services that are affordable as we eliminate from the package what you may not need.


Our Staff

Our staff is highly trained on all available policies. We are an agency that you can trust. We are licensed to provide all the home insurance policies in all environs in South Africa. Below are our staff members. You can also contact them directly or meet them face to face whenever you wish to do so.

Davis Saffie

David is an expert problem solver who has a first class degree he is committed and well informed when it comes to insurance. He can talk to you about anything concerning insurance and the kinds of covers that are suitable foryou. He is the best problem solver that the organization has.

Abadjan Mary

She is a soft spoken woman who is energetic and available. She is there to make sure that all your claims are settled within the required time. She has a wide coverage of insurance and how you can get insured and the right policy you require.

Angela vermal

Angela is a well-organized lady who is a holds a P.H.D in Insurance. She is the best asset to contact whenever you need a policy. She will take you through what will best suit your home needs and provide you the best quotes.

Company Pledge

We shall provide our customers with the right kind of service that:

  • Is competitive and valuable regarding its benefits
  • Delivers appropriate and affordable benefits to the family members and the policyholder
  • Is readily understandable regarding prices and also have a fair resolution procedure
  • Takes into accounts advocates and have the ability to have fast problem-solving
  • Explains the extent of coverage and all options required
  • Is accessible 24/7/365 a year
  • Respects all our customer’s objections

Our pledge to our customers is that we are available to meet all your needs, and we are there to deliver our promise.