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17th October 2018

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An insurance policy with the homeowner in mind.

Homeowner insurance policy

We created this policy because we care about your home.

We cover personal liability claims, lawsuit defense claims,
Condos insurance policy
owned structures and personal property among others.
We do offer you a settled mind even after you rent ahouse.
Renters Insurance
Choose the coverage that suits your life.

Insurance For Homeowners

Cheap Life Insurance ensures that we cover all people who own homes. We do cover all kind of risks such as theft, storms and any other risk you canthinkof. We have also incorporated the latest risk such as terrorism risks. We cover your full residence- both inside and outside.

Renting Insurance

We can provide what your landlord may not be in a capacity to provide. We insure your home and guarantee you of full protection. It is almost impossible to find the finances to replace all you have lost within the shortest time possible. Maybe you have been attacked by thieves, affected by fire or any other risk.

Condo Insurance

We are a home insurance company that provides insurance for all condo owners. Most of the condo may be having the master insurance policy, but it is vital to have a plan B that will protect all your interests in case of a disaster.

What we Offer

Cheap Life Insurance covers all homeowners. We offer standardized insurance policies which coverall your belongings. One of our package policies includes homeowner policy. Our home insurance policy covers all the legal responsibilities that may come up plus all damages that you or other members of your family may cause. Moreover, it is significant to know that home owners insurance only covers for all unforeseen damages and not repairs and maintenance
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About Us

Cheap Life Insurance Company is an independent insurance company. We work with big multinational companies as their representatives.We do have so many representatives who are all over South Africa,who assist you to get to know about our policies and their features.Our aim is to ensure that we cover as many people as possible. We will achieve this since we provide the lowest quotes as possible while our customer services are first class.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does home construction insurance covers?

The risk covered include vandalism, equipment, and material supplies,among others. However, the insurance may not cover the inside home contents during construction.

What is the duration of the cover?

The cover takes 9-12 months and can be renewedeven when there are delays during the construction period. Therefore, the project manager needs to access the coverage according to the months of construction.

Is the builder’s risk insurance helpful?

Ofcourse, the policy is helpful to the owner of the property under construction and the constructors. The kind of contractor you have will dictate whether you need the insurance or not since most general contractors have insurance covers.

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Why Choose Us?

We are the most preferred Life Insurance Company.

Court costs/ legal defense

Cheap life insurance will take care of your claims while you are sued. We link you with our attorneys, pay them fees and also prepare all the legal documents. We also pay all other expenses.

Backup Water Coverage

Cheap Life Insurance Company also offers water backup coverage. Whenever you pick this option policy with us, we can cover all the damages that will accrue to the property insured. We do cover water spills, drainage, sump wells and water run-offs.

Claims service 24/7 a day

Our claim service is available to all our policyholders. Whichever claim you need you may reach us through our representatives 24/7/365 days of the year. We are fast and reliable in service provisions.Take to our representatives about these discounts.


Our Satisfied Clients


Cheap life insurance policies are so affordable. We have managed to save with them for two years now. We are assured of full home security.

Andrew, Cape Town

After getting insured with Cheap Life Insurance, I can safely say that I’ve found the cheapest way to insure my future. Thanks guys for your support.

David, Johannesburg South Africa

Honestly, I am pleased with the services you guys provide. Your quotes are reasonable, and you are friendly, knowledgeable and always one call away. I now feel secure with the rental policy.


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